Soother I Facial Steam

Steam away stress and soothe your soul with Soother I Facial Steam! 
The Soother I Facial Steam is the perfect way to take your at-home spa experience to a whole new level! Just add some water, turn it on and let its gentle steam work its magic. The steam helps open pores, allowing for deeper cleansing of skin and providing long lasting hydration that will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. It's easy to use, so anyone can enjoy this luxurious facial treatment from the comfort of their own home. Try it today and see why everyone is raving about the Soother I Facial Steam! 
  • Ideal for travel or inhome use
  • Soother I Facial Steam helps to purify and deeply cleanse the skin
  • The steam can also help open congested pores to release dirt, makeup, and bacteria buildup