The Facial Steam Box allows you to get both the Dew Tea Facial Steam and The Soother Facial Steam together. Both items are made with natural and organic herbs. With the Facial Steam Box you can cleanse any irritations or blemishes on your skin and then replenish with hydration leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. The Dew Tea Facial Steam and the Soother Facial Steam are also sold separately, incase you want to try just one.

Dew Tea is a facial steam that is Great for Cleansing, Hydrating and tightening the pores. The Soother is a facial steam that is great for Reducing Inflammation, skin irritations, and helps to balance skin PH and complexion Both Facial Steams are natural and organic ingredients Make the facial steam in a tea and add to a facial steamer unit, or simply boil the herbs in a hot and place your face over the steam but under a towel to keep the steam directly on your face.