Dew Tea | Cleansing Facial Steam

Unlock your Dew-lightful glow with Tea Cleansing Facial Steam! 
After a long day of work, Ava felt like she needed to relax and unwind. She remembered hearing about Dew Tea Cleansing Facial Steam from her friends, so she decided to give it a try. After just one use, Ava was amazed at how refreshed and invigorated her skin felt after the steam! The tea's natural ingredients were gentle on her skin while still leaving it feeling deeply cleansed and hydrated. Now whenever Ava needs some restorative self-care time, she reaches for Dew Tea Cleansing Facial Steam - because nothing else compares! 
  • Gently cleans the skin without harsh abrasives or scrubbing
  • Stimulates circulation and provides calming aromatherapy benefits with its blend of organic aromatic herbs
  • Helps promote healthy hydration to help improve tone and elasticity of your skin for a youthful appearance & glow