1. Who is New Secrets Tea?

New Secrets Tea or NST is a luxury wellness brand that aims to help individuals reach optimal health and beauty potential through high quality tea & herbs.

2. What does NST offer?

We offer a variety of wellness based products.

Our inner beauty collection is a wide range of medicinal driven tea and sweeteners and the outer beauty collection showcase our herbal infused hair, skin, and body care products like oils, steams, and tea baths.

3. Where do your tea's come from?

All tea leaves are sourced from organic farms of India and the herbs are sourced from local farmers.

The blends and products are then created right here Baltimore.

4. Do we make the products?

Yes! We make all tea and herbal infused items right here in Baltimore.

5. Do you have a sampler set?

We do not offer a sampler pack at the moment however, our mini tins are great way to try multiple blends, The 7ct or 1oz loose mini tins are available in flavours.

6. Do you make specialty teas?

Yes, we do if you need something specific we can help simply send an email orders@newsecretstea.com subject title "Special Tea" and we can get your started right away first by getting a better understanding of what you need.

7. How often can I use the tea / tea bags?

Each bag or loose tea can be used 2-3 times. One bag or teaspoon yields 20-25oz of tea. If you are not making a large or multiple cups in one sitting, simply store it in a container and pop it in the fridge. You will have up to 3 days to use that bag.

8.Why is there alcohol in the elderberry syrup?

The alcohol is used to soak the elderberries for 2-3 weeks. This pulls all the medicinal properties out without processing the herbs, all the alcohol content is then cooked down when mixing with agave, leaving only potent elderberry syrup behind.

9.How should we store tea? How long does it last?

Although it is highly suggested to use products within 6 months, our products have a shelf life of 18 months.

Tea should be stored in dry cool places.