Relax Me | Stress Relief with Energy Boost | Earl Grey with Lavender

Relax Me is a Black Tea that is naturally High in Caffeine. The Lavender flowers is the Relax Me blend will help with anxiety and soothe the nerves. Althought it is safe, since Relax Me is high in caffeine, it should not be consumed at night before bed. Use this blend early in the morning to kickstart your day without the stress of your days work.

Pour fresh boiling water at 195-205 degrees F over tea and allow to steep 4-5 mins.

(2 grams of tea per sachet, each can be reused 2-3 times)
(Loose Leaf Jar makes 25 - 35 cups of tea)

Ingredients: Black tea, Lavender Flowers, and Natural Flavors.


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Customer Reviews

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A must have tea for all!

Love my relax tea and enjoy a cup daily.

Perfect afternoon tea break

The Relax Me tea is so warm and calming. I love making a cup in the middle of a busy day to take a minute and re-center.