OM: The Self Within

By the time she was in her late twenties', NatalieAntoinette was a rising entrepreneur who was thriving as the first ever Tea Company to be in an airport. By all appearances, she had mastered being a successful grown up but behind closed doors, she was a chronically anxious hot mess. Nobody knew that her road to "adulting" was paved with depression, shame, and lack of self worth. But she realized that something needed to change when she found herself at rock bottom: in a jail cell.
OM: The Self Within is a story of NatalieAntoinette's path to re-discovering the power of Self-Love through hard facing lessons that reminded her through simple daily rituals, you can transform your mind, body, and spirit.
In this book, you will discover that your current situation doesn't have to be your last and with a different perspective you can see your Pain has Purpose.
About Me:  Natalie Antoinette (aka Newnew) is not your average millennial. As a Mompreneur of a beautiful boy and girl, she is also the President and CEO of 3 successful Wellness Based Businesses, including the luxury wellness tea brand, New Secrets Tea. When not running a business, she can be found, running a lifestyle blog or training new yoga students! What's even better, One of her greatest accomplishments is being able to help others achieve their dreams toward entrepreneurship through her #WellnessToWealth Business Consulting course! 
"Sometimes starting a life over can be scary, but hopefully in these pages you will see that, with a little patience and a lot of persistence, anything is possible." - NatalieAntoinette
All PRE-SALE copies will be hand signed by Author